Love shooting am Strand von Zandvoort – Claudi & Pascal

love shooting zandvoort nederland - trouwfotografie anma koy photography

Hey guys, Today I want to show you the portraits I took of Claudi and Pascal in the dunes close to Zandvoort in Holland. In August I was visiting my friend Lysanne, who was the perfect photo assistant for the day, in Rotterdam. During the day we visited beautiful Scheveningen and in the evening we met Claudi and her boyfriend Pascal in Bloemendaal aan Zee at the beach in Holland. We went into a dunes national park and it was extremely windy.

Couple shoot during golden hour in Zandvoort Holland

Perfect for photos though. The sun was setting in golden light and they were so easy to work with. Pascal is a professional model and together they have an Instagram-account called @the.coupleblog. Make sure you check it out! You could definitely see that they are posing in front of cameras all the time. It was so much fun, especially because the weather was just great. I hope I can come back to the coast soon and take more amazing portraits.

Thank you guys so much for your time and effort and still being much in love in spite of the wind. Love, Anma

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