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Hey guys,

Today I want to show you a few of my favorite things in life and in this business. I work as a wedding editor so I know everything about weddings. I discover new wedding trends daily and I get to see the world’s best wedding photography. But it doesn’t mean my life only surrounds around weddings. There are so many things I enjoy – from being creative (I do blogging on my lifestyle blog The European Look, I love taking portraits of everyone and everything and I enjoy handwriting cards and envelopes) to long walks with our family dog, drinking coffee in the morning and getting lost on Pinterest.

A few of my favorite things from weddings to my personal life

Here you can find a selection of my top list of favorites, so you can get to know me better and see if I am a great match for you as your photographer.

  • the golden hour – the best time to take photos. I would recommend all my couples to schedule in time for photos at sunset. Those photos are pure magic.

Ein von Once Wed (@oncewed) gepostetes Foto am

  • calligraphy – I just love the mediative process of handwriting a card or envelope. It’s a huge thing at weddings right now, because of it’s luxurious feel. Let me know if you are looking for a calligrapher for your wedding or project.

  • american wedding traditions – matching bridesmaids dresses, a first look, naked cakes, the list goes on and on. I get my inspiration on wedding blogs such as Style Me Pretty, Wedding Sparrow, Magnolia Rouge and Once Wed.

  • an al fresco wedding theme – especially when it’s set in the Provence or Tuscany. Al fresco means natural, organic, outside, minimalistic, pastell shaded and simply stunning!

  • lose organic bouquets with silk ribbon – flowers are one of those things you should spend money on on your wedding day. They look so amazing in photographs, fine art weddings and lose bouquets are a match made in heaven.

  • heirloom rings in the mrs.boxes – do I need to say more?

  • my daily cup of coffee –  I’m a coffeelover, in the morning, midday or for dinner, I can have several cups of coffee a day. Due to the fact that I cannot drink lactose, I have mine black or with vegan ‘milk’.

  • my boo – I love my boo! He’s my best friend, my solid rock and my soulmate. And he loves to stand in front of the camera with me – he’s the best. See us below by the talented Borys Las-Opolski


You can find my favorite things also on my about page ! If you think we are a good match, then I would love to get to know you too. Love, Anma

Titelfoto: Buffy Dekmar Photography

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